Executive Board


Cheng Cheng

Cheng is a senior majoring in Econ/Math and Computer Science. She plans to pursue a Ph.D. in a field related to statistics or computer science in hopes of becoming a data scientist.  Last year she competed in the 2017 Datafest with team members Chelsea Lee(the Senior VP for ASC), Bingquan Wu and Hossein Shafii and they won the award for “Best Use of Statistical Models”. This summer she worked as a research assistant in the IDM lab on Message Passing and Valued Constraint Satisfaction Problems. Her current interest is to pursue interdisciplinary study on game theory, AI, algorithms and machine learning. She hopes that the club will help members realize their interest in data science and progress in their career.

20863889_1606671492686446_1411375098_nChelsea Lee
Senior VP

Chelsea is a junior majoring in Applied and Computational Mathematics and minoring in Public Health. During her time at ASC, she developed a strong interest in data science, particularly in using Big Data to uncover insights in healthcare. In spring 2017, she competed at DataFest on a team with current ASC President Cheng Cheng and won the award for “Best Use of Statistical Models”. This past summer, she was a research assistant at the Children’s Data Network where she was part of a massive, computationally intensive project involving statewide Medi-Cal records. This year, Chelsea hopes to not only help ASC members become successful data scientists/analysts, but to encourage fellow members to look into the potential of using Big Data in health or social science!

Venessa Scott
VP of Internal Affairs

Venessa is a senior majoring in Sociology, minoring in Spanish, Mathematical Finance, and Consumer Behavior. She became interested in statistics and computer science through high school courses and joined ASC in order to gain more experience with statistical programs. She plans on working as a market researcher in the future. Venessa has done faculty and graduate-led research using SPSS at USC since her freshman year. She is also involved with The Roots Foundation, National Residence Hall Honorary, and Habitat for Humanity.

img_4373Gavin Michaels
VP of Membership

Gavin is a junior at the University of Southern California studying Industrial Systems Engineering and Computer Science. His interests include the influence on advanced data analysis in sports and politics. He has worked in Dornsife’s SPEC Lab, focusing on Arctic power projections, since Spring 2016.

15193449_1159251234161231_1249332404564218049_n (1)Grace Xu
VP of Public Relations

Grace is a sophomore majoring in Business Administration and double minoring in Applied Analytics and Statistics. She is a research assistant in the Security and Political Economy Laboratory on campus and a data analyst intern at a large digital media company. In Fall 2016, her team won the Marshall Data Analytics Competition. In Spring 2017, her team also won “Best Use of a Statistical Model” at Chapman Datafest.

20907069_1430361733707846_1859661172_oStephanie Li
VP of Finance

Stephanie is a junior majoring in Industrial and Systems Engineering and minoring in Business Finance. She is interested in applying data analytics to finance and supply chain management.

photo1Sam Sorkin
VP of External Events

Sam is a sophomore majoring in Economics. He has interned for a professional soccer team, a sports and media agency, and a Washington, D.C. think-tank. He is a business strategy intern for a machine learning startup and a research assistant for a professor in the Economics Department.

img_4665.jpgTaylor Dufour
Intern of Graphic Design

Taylor is a sophomore majoring in Economics/Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science.  She is a co-lead research assistant at the USC Security and Political Economy Lab on campus.  There she uses Python to data mine Twitter for military actions in the South China Sea.   Last year Taylor and her case competition team placed in the SpectrumSC Diversity Case Competition and the Marshall Freshman Case Competition.  She is interested in a career in management consulting.